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Welcome to the Ross Elementary web page. As you walk our halls and listen in on the learning that takes place in our K–6 classrooms, you’ll recognize that fun and learning go hand in hand at Ross. We are a tight-knit community of hard-working, hard-playing, success-oriented individuals who work together to bring about the academic and personal success of every student in our care.

Ross Elementary: The Home of Superheroes!

Home of the Superheroes!

A Message From the Principal

Dear Ross Elementary Families,

Welcome back! This year’s academic summer camp was a huge success, and I’m so excited to start the 2023–2024 school year! We are going to have another very successful year with several different activities planned to make this year once again a great one! I am excited to announce that classrooms are currently being prepared, and I'm most looking forward to seeing all the students, especially meeting our new incoming kindergarten class. I am happy to announce that we have made several curriculum changes to better meet the needs of our students! The kindergarten and new student orientation is set for August 29. This year we have a new PTO board that I am excited to work with so we can provide our students with the best experiences! Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Once again, get ready for another fantastic school year!

As always, remember that good people will do great things!

Take care, and stay strong!

Mr. Matt Nonnenberg
Ross Elementary School
(570) 477-4300

Latest News

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Second Round of 2023–2024 Principal Shout-Out Recipients
Principal Shout-Outs Second Round of 2023-2024

Congratulations to our second round of 2023–2024 principal shout-out recipients!

January 2024

  • Kindergarten: Adeline Reimann
  • 1st Grade: Jackson Ferkel
  • 2nd Grade: Alexis Vanderlick
  • 3rd Grade: Emma Kinney-Recinos
  • 4th Grade: Camryn Ferkel
  • 5th Grade: Chase Maciejczak and Kendall Allen
  • 6th Grade: Nathan Gray

February 2024

  • Kindergarten: Juliette Plisko and Madalyn Dzoch
  • 1st Grade: Auston Peiffer
  • 2nd Grade: Juliann Maculloch
  • 3rd Grade: Clayton Riaubia
  • 4th Grade: Ava Walsh
  • 5th Grade: Addisyn Richards
  • 6th Grade: Edith Thomas and Isabella Cox

March 2024

  • Kindergarten: Emma Fox
  • 1st Grade: Douglas Bedford
  • 2nd Grade: Natalia Cameron-Potoeski
  • 3rd Grade: Jayce Shannon
  • 4th Grade: Brayden Sorber
  • 5th Grade: Bryn Jarnot
  • 6th Grade: Alyx Nichols

Here is what Mr. Nonnenberg had to say about why he gave each of these students a principal shout-out!

These individuals have led by example, and I am so proud of each of you. Today we recognize the next set individuals that I have noticed going above and beyond just the academic side of school. I am a strong believer that good people will do great things! I am very quick to notice students who consistently:

  • Help struggling peers
  • Create a positive environment for those around them
  • Treat peers and teachers with respect by complimenting
  • Follow school rules
  • Demonstrate generosity (especially that of giving their time!)
  • Do their best (even when nobody's watching!)
  • Go above and beyond with all expectations
  • And plan and simple, students that are nice!

Going into the second round I must say it has been very difficult because each of your behaviors has been very good, and I encourage you to continue being good people! Here we go!

For the second round, I started selecting recipients from January. It will be a total of three months counting March.


In kindergarten, this is someone I look forward to seeing every day. She is another one with a spunky attitude (which we know where that probably comes from). She will do anything for anyone and definitely makes the place better…Adeline Reimann

1st Grade: This guy allows me to have a great start and end to each day. He does tremendous things in the classroom, and I have the feeling would someday turn out to be a pretty darn good principal.. Jackson Ferkel

2nd Grade: Now she’s smart, kind, and I tell you is a joy to talk to. Who other than Alexis Vanderlick.

3rd Grade: This student is never in trouble. She can figure skate better than most in the country and her academics aren’t far behind… Emma Kinney-Recinos.

4th Grade: She is a great role model to her brother which is why he was selected. She cares for everyone and is a joy to Ross Elementary... Camryn Ferkel.

5th Grade: I couldn’t make up my mind with the 5th graders so I went with two… For the first I’m willing to bet this student didn’t even see this coming. I have caught him twice in the month of January doing good things for others and treating others with respect. He is a heck of a soccer player and works hard at school…Chase Maciejczak.

For the second… this girl has a smile that will light up any room. She has come such a long way and is now a true leader and role model to her peers. This is Kendall Allen.

6th Grade: Although many might think he is in his own little world, this kid really loves his peers and will do anything for them! He is always there cheering them on and caring for them. He is one of a kind Nate the Great Gray!


In kindergarten I was stuck on two students so I went with both…

First: I often swear one of our teachers is sitting in kindergarten. This girl has definitely made an impact on this place. I say good people will do great things. She is going to do amazing things... Juliette Plisko.

For the second, this student is always so kind. She never gets in trouble and is always happy… Madalyn Dzoch.

1st Grade: He is known as my main man for the reason of hitting everything I stand for out of the park… Austin Peiffer.

2nd Grade: Being polite and well-mannered is something that is so important. She displays these traits day in and day out. Never in trouble and always smiling and caring for others…Juliann Maculloch.

3rd Grade: He has demonstrated mastery both in the classroom and with athletics. He is shaping into a leader…Clayton Riaubia.

4th Grade: I challenge anyone to try to be nicer. Just a good person that really cares about her peers. She has asked about shout outs over the past few months, and I have really noticed her going above and beyond just academics…Ava Walsh.

5th Grade: It’s funny because I had her picked in February for a shout-out and it was for the same reasons that she was selected for principal toast. Independence is a big part of our mission. This student has developed skill sets that have turned her into a leader and able to stand up for what is right…Addisyn Richards.

6th Grade: Once again I got stuck on two so I went with both.

First: She has really come around with being a good person and staying out of the drama. She is a hard worker and someone I definitely know is trying her best…Edith Thomas.

The 2nd one takes right after her sister. She is a leader, a scholar, and an overall great person. Her work-ethic is unmatched and she cares for everyone who has helped her. It’s funny the small things I notice but every day for years now before getting on her bus she gives her bus driver a hug. Just shows the kind of person she is…Bella Cox.


In kindergarten…I can’t think of another word to describe her other than remarkable. Although she is quite, her actions speak way louder than her words. To me she is a superhero student….Emma Fox.

1st grade…This kid makes my day every day, and I’m pretty sure anyone else he interacts with will tell you the same thing. You don’t get people like this very often… Douglas Bedford.

In 2nd grade She is one of the hardest workers in the classroom. She always tries her hardest and will give you the shirt off her back… Natalia Cameron-Potoeski.

For 3rd grade he is new to us but for some reason he has that personality that makes you feel like he has been here forever. He has the attitude of someone you always want to be around and he is absolutely stellar in the classroom and on the football field. Like a perfect report card kind of kid.. all 100’s! ....Jayce Shannon.

4th grade….This kid is super special. For all of you listening, I encourage you to take notice of him coming in from recess every day. He has been asking about shout outs for weeks now, and he will clean up any trash no matter where he finds it around this school. That to me in itself show me how much he values this place. I want him to know how much I value him being here…Brayden Sorber.

5th grade.. It’s amazing how kind, hard working, and simply nice this student is. I really think if push came to shove she would give someone her Taylor Swift sweat shirt if they needed it.. Again this is the kind of person I’m talking about….Bryn Jarnot.

In 6th grade… Yeah I’m still working on him sharpening up his leadership skills but he is definitely getting there. He has finally found his worth and I have personally seen him grow into something much more. I guess the easiest way I could say it is he is no longer a follower… Alyx Nichols.

Congratulations to all the recipients. You have earned this recognition! Continue to lead by example!

A Principal's Toast to a Good Student: April 5, 2024

Congratulations to the following students for being selected by their teachers for the 8th principal toast to a good student! I am so proud of these students for having such outstanding traits that have made them stand out from their peers!

Kindergarten: Mrs. Jarnot chose Iris Lee. She said that Iris has the biggest heart and always thinks of how others feel. She is very caring, thoughtful, and loves to make her friends happy. Iris is a hard worker in school and makes sure she is always following the rules. Keep up the great work, Iris!

1st grade: Mrs. Kabosky and Mrs. Paczewski chose Austin Peiffer for this week's principal toast. They said Austin is such a fun kid with an awesome personality. He also has a great sense of humor. Austin is very into sports, playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. He definitely has a competitive side to him. Austin works very hard in the classroom and is a strong reader. He is always willing to help out his teachers and peers. You might hear Mr. Nonnenberg refer to him as “my main man”. Keep up the great work Austin, and keep laughing!

2nd grade: Mrs. Scouton chose Luna Norkunis. She said Luna is a quiet girl with a big heart. She is a great friend who is very giving. She interacts well with others and is always willing to share. Luna is doing exceptionally well in 2nd grade. Her hard work has certainly paid off. Keep up the good work, keep on being you!

3rd grade: Mrs. Frey and Mrs. Grey chose Hannah Blat. They said Hannah is consistently helping others and always putting her best foot forward. Hannah is one of the most honest and respectful students we have at Ross and certainly deserves the toast. Not to mention she is one awesome basketball player. Keep up the good work, Hannah!

4th grade: Mrs. Albee chose Nathan Sinclair. She said Nathan puts a lot of effort into his school work and it shows. He pays attention in class, completes his homework on time with no errors, asks questions, participates in class, and loves to read. Sometimes I have to ask him to put his novel away during class because he is lost in it. He is a good classmate to other students. Keep up the good work!

5th grade: Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Miller chose Addisyn Richards. They said Addy is a vibrant and resilient fifth-grade girl who radiates strength and independence wherever she goes. With her ongoing enthusiasm and unwavering determination, she tackles challenges head-on, never backing down from any obstacle in her path. Whether she's excelling in academics, mastering new skills playing field hockey, or lending a helping hand to her peers, Addy embodies the true spirit of resilience and empowerment. Her confidence is infectious and encourages others to believe in themselves. She's an example of what it means to be strong, independent, and unapologetically herself.

6th grade: Mrs. Lehman and Mrs. Chopyak chose Maddy Holcomb. They said Maddy is such a great addition to Ross Elementary. She displays countless qualities on a daily basis. Maddy goes out of her way to make others feel included. She always looks out for others and brings a smile to everyone. We have seen countless times Maddy being a friend to someone who was sitting alone or felt left out. She continuously displays wonderful qualities. She makes the class laugh, she loves to help not only the 6th grade teachers but anyone at all! She is an all around wonderful person. Great job, Maddy!

Again, congratulations to all the winners!

Little boy holding a piece of Batman toast during the Principal's Toast celebrationStudents and principal in the principal's office during the Principal's Toast celebrationLittle boy with his feet up on the principal's desk during the Principal's Toast celebrationThree students sitting in front of the principal's desk during the Principal's Toast celebrationThree girls sitting in front of the principal's desk during the Principal's Toast celebrationLittle boy giving the peace sign while enjoying the Principal's Toast celebration
2024 Jump Rope Competition
Two girls holding award next to a woman staff member

The results are in for students here at Ross Elementary! 8,712 students participated at 83 schools where 36 states/regions and seven countries were represented. Only the top five girls/boys in each event are recognized for their hard work and efforts in the competition.

  • Taking 3rd place in girls 6th grade single bounce with 103 jumps is Mckenna Riaubia.
  • Taking 4th place in girls 6th grade single bounce with 97 jumps is Ella Paull.
  • Taking 3rd place in girls 6th grade double unders with 47 double unders is Mckenna Riaubia.
  • Taking 4th place in girls 6th grade speed step with 114 speed steps is Mckenna Riaubia.
  • Taking 3rd place in girls 6th grade jump rope push up with 27 push ups is Ella Paull.


Ross Elementary 2024–2025 Kindergarten Registration
students walking with books under the words Kindergarten registration

Kindergarten registration for students who will attend kindergarten at Ross Elementary for the 2024–2025 school year will take place on Thursday, May 23 at our school from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. In order for your child to be eligible for kindergarten, your child must be five years old before September 1, 2024. All parents/guardians must complete the online registration prior to our registration day. Online registration will open on April 1. An incomplete online registration will result in your registration not being able to be processed on the day of registration. In addition, please be sure to bring your child with you so they can participate in the screening process. If you have any additional questions about the registration process, please contact Tina Judge at (570) 255-2815.