Lake-Lehman School District

Lake Lehman School District

LL Cyber School

Lake-Lehman Cyber School is an alternative educational program for both elementary and secondary students. This online option allows us to meet our students’ needs by developing a schedule and curriculum that best suits the individual. Students have the opportunity to enroll as full or part-time students. Part-time students complete some coursework in the traditional setting and some in the cyber setting.

Courses Taught by Lake-Lehman Teachers

  • Students have the opportunity to come into school and meet with the actual teacher, one-on-one, when they need extra help or enrichment.
  • A cyber teacher is available every period of the day for students to receive assistance on campus.
  • Parents have the opportunity to meet with teachers whenever necessary. (Other cyber schools can typically only offer meetings in the virtual setting.)

Receive a Lake-Lehman HS Diploma

  • We assign a guidance counselor to all LL Cyber students. The counselor monitors progress weekly and has daily contact with the teachers facilitating online instruction.
  • We count students in class rank, which makes them eligible for the honor roll and membership in the honor society.
  • Students will receive a Lake-Lehman High School diploma (not a certificate of completion like other cyber schools) upon completion of the Lake-Lehman Cyber Program.
  • Students may participate in graduation exercises if they choose to do so.

All the Benefits of Being an LLSD Student

  • Students are eligible to apply for post-secondary scholarships sponsored by the Lake-Lehman School District.
  • Special education accommodations are available for students who qualify.
  • Students are eligible to receive all health benefits—vision screenings, dental exams, physicals, etc.
  • All students can participate in a wide variety of clubs and athletics.
  • Students can attend dances and field trips, which allows them to maintain a connection with the school community if they choose to do so.

An Easy Transition from LL Cyber

    If a student decides to return to the traditional elementary or secondary school setting, the transition from Lake-Lehman Cyber is very smooth. Lake-Lehman teachers have full awareness and access to the student’s curriculum at Cyber because they teach the courses. They will help facilitate a smooth transition upon the student's return to the traditional classroom.

    Lake-Lehman Elementary Cyber Virtual Open House

    We invite you to view the Lake-Lehman Elementary Cyber Open House using the links below. We have also added a list of frequently asked questions. Check back often for additional information. 

    Quick Reference for Elementary Cyber

    To access elementary cyber school, please visit Buzz, Brandywine Virtual Academy.

    1. Once on this page, do not click log in. Instead, click on the three dots that are to the right of the log in button.
    2. Choose "use application login".
    3. Input your student's username and password into the lines that pop up.

    Bookmark this link and use this one all the time.

    Also, be sure you are putting LL in front of your student's lunch number for the password, and make sure you are just using your student's last name first initial (and maybe a number, check with your teacher if you're not sure) as their username. does not go in the username part.

    Don't hesitate to reach out to your student's teacher if any problems arise!

    Elementary Teachers: