Lake-Lehman School District

Lake Lehman School District

Returning to School FAQs

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions concerning our 2020–2021 school year. If you need additional information that you don't see covered below, please feel free to contact us today!

Return to School

Mask Use

Will my child be required to wear a mask all day?
How can I help my child get used to wearing a mask?

Educational Options

What are the three educational options available for the 2020–2021 school year?
Is the LLSD Cyber School option reflective of the educational enrichment activities provided in the spring of 2020?
What grading format will be used upon the return to school?
How much time will a student spend in front of the computer if selecting live streaming or LLSD Cyber School?
Will a student have the same classroom teacher for Live Streaming as they would be assigned in the Traditional setting?
Will there be an open-house for LLSD Cyber School or Live Streaming?
Will students selecting LLSD Cyber School or the Live Streaming educational options, be afforded the opportunity to receive packets, books and other supplies?
Will any peer-to-peer interaction be integrated into LLSD Cyber School or Live Streaming to allow students the opportunity to interact with their teacher, classroom, or peers?
Are families able to select more than one option at a time? For example: some days during the week selecting Live Streaming and other Traditional education.
Can families change their educational selection if their situation changes during the school year?
Is the district considering a hybrid schedule option for all students? For example: an A / B schedule with two days in person and three days remote learning each week.
Is the district planning to offer all elective courses/specials for the upcoming school year?

Extra-Curricular Activities/Athletics

If a family chooses to enroll in an outside Cyber Charter School, can the student participate in Lake-Lehman sports and extra-curricular activities?
Will any of the educational options disqualify a student from participating in PIAA Athletics?

Building and Classroom Facilities

What will my child’s classroom look like this year?
How does the district ensure suitable air quality?
How will classrooms and facilities be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected?


What protocol is in place for a symptomatic student or staff member?
What protocol is in place for a confirmed case for a student or staff member?