Lake-Lehman School District

Lake Lehman School District

Lake-Noxen Elementary School

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Welcome to 2021–2022 at Lake-Noxen Elementary School! Our first day of school is on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. We are looking forward to another year full of fun and new experiences! We have updated the interactive boards in our classrooms and a few of our teachers have changed grade levels. New and returning students from outside cyber, homeschooling, another district, or are the first-time kindergarten need to register online

We Believe In...

A Grief Sensitive School
  • Building relationships
  • Building traits such as empathy, compassion, kindness, and respect
  • Engaging in the joy of school and learning
  • Building problem solvers
  • Honoring individual growth and development
  • Taking risks and celebrating achievements

Things to Come

  • Fifth and sixth grade band and lessons are beginning! Return your permission form and instrument request immediately in order to be included!
  • Lake-Noxen Reads Together spring event