Lake-Lehman School District

Lake Lehman School District

Our Library

We invite Lake-Lehman students to join us in the library to study, read, and do research.

Library Schedule

We’ll post the library schedule in every hallway at the Jr/Sr high school, on the library bulletin board, and in the daily announcements.

Due to the number of students who need to access the library daily, we will not close during classes; however, we will have to limit the number of students. We encourage students to obtain a priority library pass between 7:20 and 7:30 a.m. before 1st period if they need to get into the library during a scheduled class. (Students may only obtain a pass during 1st period by reporting to class and getting a signed pass from the teacher.)

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism or academic dishonesty is a serious offense. A student who plagiarizes will receive a zero for the paper or evaluation. We will notify the student’s parent/guardian and refer the student to the principal for further disciplinary action.


  • Encyclopedia Americana® - In-depth research and worldwide current events for older students and adults
  • Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia™ - Quick reference and rich media for middle school and high school students
  • The New Book of Knowledge® - Reference and current events for elementary readers and up
  • La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre: Complete encyclopedia for Spanish speakers and Spanish language students
  • Noodle Tools - The most comprehensive and accurate MLA and APA style bibliography composer available on the web. An advanced version for middle/high school through graduate level research is also available.
  • EBSCO host - Available only within the Jr/Sr high school building. If you need to access EBSCO host from another location, go to Back Mountain Library, and use your Access PA Library card to log in.