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We love to share good news about our wonderful students and staff members. And we have a lot of great things to share! Read all about student and faculty awards and accomplishments, past happenings, upcoming events, and so much more. 

Award Recipients

We want to congratulate all our sixth grade award recipients. We are proud of all your hard work and dedication this year!

Food Pantry Visit

Ms. Pauley and her first grade class from Lake-Noxen Elementary School visited the Pastor’s Food Pantry in Noxen on June 5. They donated and weighed 102 pounds of peanut butter and jelly. These are in high demand as summer approaches, as students no longer have access to school lunch. 

This was their fourth donation this year. The first donation of personal items weighed 10.4 pounds, the second donation of juice was 79.4 pounds, and the third donation of macaroni and cheese weighed 23 pounds.

The students toured the pantry and asked questions. Five volunteers - Margaret, Elaine, Ruth, Rodney, and Pearl, answered questions and offered information. Margaret Holmgren, a former Noxen and Lake-Noxen teacher, explained the birthday bags and how they are given to families with a child celebrating a birthday during that month. She showed the children what was in them and everyone was so interested. 

The children learned an exceptional lesson this year - it’s much better to give than receive!

Junior Leadership Class of 2017

Five young ladies from Lake-Lehman were a part of Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre class of 2017. Each worked on different service/community projects such as relay races, book drives, dances, and knocker ball tournaments for different organizations such as the VA Medical Hospital, Luzerne County Head Start, Victory Sports, and St. Joseph's Center. Collectively, the Junior Leadership class of 2017 raised over $22,000 for various non-profit organizations across northeastern Pennsylvania.

4th Grade Geometry Scavenger Hunt

4th graders at Ross Elementary recently participated in a geometry scavenger hunt. It was a fun learning experience for all!

Sports Physicals for All Seasons

2017-2018 junior/senior high school sports physicals are offered once yearly for all sports.

There are no make-up exams! Please see our Jr High Athletics page, or our Sr High School Athletics page for more information.

Lake-Noxen Elementary School Activities And Events

There is a lot going on at Lake-Noxen Elementary School. Take a look at all of the activities and events at our school.